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Do the cleaners continue to clean after the self-isolation?

Cleaners typically resume their regular cleaning duties after the self-isolation period, ensuring that the cleaning tasks are carried out as scheduled and maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards in the designated areas.

What security measures have you taken?

We have implemented robust security measures including encrypted data transmission, access controls, regular system updates, and strict privacy protocols to safeguard information and protect against unauthorized access or breaches.

How to order a disinfectant cleaning?

To order a disinfectant cleaning, simply contact our service team via phone or website, provide your details and requirements, and we will schedule a professional disinfectant cleaning service at your desired date and time.

What is contactless cleaning?

Contactless cleaning refers to a cleaning process that minimizes physical contact between the cleaning staff and the client's premises, often utilizing specialized equipment, techniques, and cleaning agents to maintain cleanliness and hygiene while reducing the risk of transmission of germs or pathogens.

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